The Sleep Sense™ Method was created out of a strong belief that healthy sleep habits are essential for healthy children. A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn.

When parents put their trust in us with something as precious as their child’s sleep, we take this responsibility very seriously.

The Sleep Sense™ Method places a lot of emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles. That’s because you, as a parent, need to be comfortable with your new sleep plan in order for it to work for your child.

Our approach is simple and straightforward; what you see is what you get!
Honest information about the importance of sleep for your child’s well-being to motivate you to make the changes you need to achieve healthier sleep habits.
A clear step-by-step plan customized based on your input; because nobody knows your child or what is best for them better than you.
Measuring success and managing your expectations every step of the way; because your child will need some time to learn independent sleep skills (just like any other life skill).

Let’s address the elephant in the room…CRYING!

Parents often feel torn between knowing how important sleep is for their child’s health as well as their own and are looking for a solution that does not involve crying.
Photo credit: Cocoon Photography
Honesty is a sacred value for us, so here’s the truth:

There is no solution that works without some amount of crying; but there is one that allows you to stay close to your child, offer comfort, reassure them of your presence, and respond to their needs while they gradually learn to fall asleep independently – it’s the Sleep Sense™ Program.

You will NEVER have to leave your child alone to cry endlessly. The secret to why the Sleep Sense™ Method is so effective is that it lets us develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child.

One last thing, our mission is not to just help you “get a better night’s sleep”; it goes much deeper than that. It’s about creating a healthy and nurturing environment for each and every family member. It’s about helping you feeling better about yourself as parents. It’s about making sure you have enough energy and time to stay connected to one another as well as your child.

We want to make parents and children happy and healthy through better sleep!