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Parents often use strollers or a ride in the car to get their babies to take a nap. In fact, rocking a baby to sleep is present in practically every culture.

However, what if the roles were reversed? How well would you nap in a car or on the plane when traveling? The movement will probably get you to sleep, but I’m guessing not too well. That’s because a moving vehicle causes vibrations that prevent us from falling into deep sleep.

Similarly,  strollers, carseats, baby swings, etc.. prevent a baby’s brain from reaching the deeper stages of sleep due to the vibrations caused by the movement. It is those stages that are truly restorative; and that’s why, even if they had a decent nap, they don’t wake up fully rested.

As your baby’s brain matures, they grow more curious and socially aware making it more difficult for them to take good naps on the move. Any moving object, any sound, or even seeing things they are not accustomed to seeing daily at home can get them stimulated. They will take a lot longer to fall asleep, and they will sleep for a shorter period.

The best place for your baby to nap is:

  • At home
  • In their crib
  • In a dark, cool, and quiet room

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