DODO Consultations:

Complimentary 30-Minute Call

Book a call if your little one is facing sleep challenges, you’re feeling frustrated and stressed, and you’re ready to make a change but you’re unsure on how to do that. We can discuss options and solutions that will get you and your family sleeping through the night. It’s totally free – no strings attached!

30-Minute Consultation: $50

This is an option you can choose after the complimentary call. We can discuss and address your little one’s sleep challenges. You can also use this option to help you navigate nap transitions smoothly.


Webinars & More:

Nurturing Healthy Sleep Habits in Newborns: $100

A webinar and booklet to equip parents-to-be with the tools to get their newborns started on healthy sleep habits which will set them up for a smooth transition to independent sleep once they’re ready.

The Gift of Healthy Sleep

A gift card that can be purchased for parents whether to nurture healthy sleep habits or to address existing sleep challenges with their little ones.

Twins Bundle

Choose a package/service for one child and get a 60% discount for the second child.

Siblings Bundle

Choose a package/service for one child and get a 25% discount for the second child.