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Congratulations! You’ve succeeded in getting rid of the diaper during the daytime and your child is now using the toilet independently. What about the night? Should you keep him in a pull-up or a diaper? Potty training at night usually comes after a child is fully potty trained during the day; it has a lot to do with their neurological development to control their bladders and bowels. Once that happens and they have mastered “daytime potty”, here are some tips that could ease the process for the night:

  • Make sure your child is ready – they have a dry diaper in the morning for several nights in a row. That could take a while, each child is different, so give them time and don’t put any pressure on them.
  • Avoid giving too many fluids right before bed. My advice would be to let them have a cup of water an hour before bedtime, but not later.
  • Encourage them to use the potty a few times in the last hour before bedtime. This ensures that they go to bed with an empty bladder, which will make it easier for them to stay dry until the morning.
  • NEVER wake a child up to go to the toilet; uninterrupted sleep is more important. Be prepared for accidents (extra sheets and pyjamas on hand); and don’t make a big fuss over clean-up. Just like any other life skill, it will take time for the child to master it.

Toddlers are always finding new ways to push boundaries and potty training is no exception. They see how excited we get when they tell us they want to “go potty” so they could start waking up during the night wanting to play! From day 1, give them a “potty pass” (you can draw it together, print something they can color, etc..) Explain that they can use the pass one time during the night. Remember, you started this process when you were sure they were ready, and if an accident happens, that’s ok!

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