Success Stories

Your sleep success stories are the reason why we exist! They motivate us to invest every effort to get families like yours to achieve their sleep goals.
Our son has always been a good sleeper. He slept alone at night; however at nap time he used the bottle as a sleep prop. This worked for us and him very well. 2 months ago he started waking up very early in the morning (between 4 and 4.30 am). We tried shortening his nap but it did not work. He started becoming naggy and grumpy during the day because he wasn't getting enough sleep. So we started sleeping next to him when he woke up early to get him to sleep more. This backfired as he started waking up in the middle of the night because he wanted us to sleep next to him. After a month of going through this, we knew it was time to seek the help of a sleep consultant. Saja is a great sleep consultant. She creates a program that fits the family and their values. The whole process was so smooth with her. She was always available when we had questions and whenever we needed her help. What was amazing is that we saw a major change since day 3 with very minimal crying. He was able to sleep alone at naptime which he was never able to do before. Our son also became sick during the sleep training. Saja altered the program to meet his needs. At the end of the program, our son was able to sleep alone, anywhere, and in an open bed (not a crib). Our son is usually a happy child however once he was able to sleep alone and to sleep more, he became even happier. He would tell us "I am happy" out of nowhere several times per day. Saja changed our lives. She gave us flexibility and resilience in terms sleep. I now know my child will sleep anywhere, alone and he will tell us when he is tired and needs to sleep. Thank you, Saja, so much. We are grateful for your help.
Sukayna & Hisham, Hadi’s parents (2.5 years old)
Saja is an incredible sleep consultant. We had our sessions over zoom/phone and the experience was seamless and extremely productive. Saja created a routine for the baby that was customized based on age and schedule. She had daily check-ins which kept us accountable to stay on track. Our daughter was able to flawlessly get used to this process without a huge shock and it also helped us as parents understand the process. We saw results immediately and at the end of the program, had a baby that would go to sleep by herself (yes, even for naps!). Highly recommend teaching independent sleeping skills at a young age!
Nathalie & Mansour, Kaya’s parents (6 months old)
Saja quite seriously changed our lives. We went from getting up multiple times a night to our little girl sleeping through like a champ. Our whole house is happier, more engaged and functions better now that we’re all sleeping well.
Alexys & Oliver, Ella’s parents (7 months old)
Thank you, DODO Sleep Consulting for this journey. Helping Nathan learn to fall asleep by himself was one of the best gifts I offered my boy! A small message to other parents: remember, they are stronger than you can imagine 🙂
Ange, Nathan’s mom (11 months old)

“Sleep is not a dream!”

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Saja transformed the sleeping habits of our 2-year-old daughter. Following an initial session with her, she crafted a 2-week sleeping program tailored for our daughter and then thoroughly explained it to us. Saja guided us throughout the program on a daily basis and coached us on how best to execute the plan with practical tips. Our daughter started to adapt just a few days into the program, and she became an independent and disciplined sleeper. We really wished we had done sleep training with Saja at an earlier stage!
Gaelle & Habib, Kaïa’s parents (2 years old)
My experience with Saja is a life changing experience. I sought her help when I was drained and had lost all hope to sleep. My life was a complete and total mess. My son was 8.5 months old and his sleep was a mess. He woke up every 1-2 hours at night and he napped not more than 30 minutes per nap. Saja walked with me along my journey. She was very helpful and supportive; she didn’t miss a chance to help me and ease my anxiety. She was following up every day and assuring me that everything is alright. Now my son is 1 year old, and he sleeps for 11 hours at night and has two naps with a total of 2-2.5 hours a day. Lack of sleep was ruining my life, but she saved me! I would totally recommend sleep training with Saja.
Sara, Yehya’s mom (8.5 months old)
Saja has transformed our sleep environment into a positive and manageable experience. She is patient, caring and most importantly understanding. She helped us achieve our goals in under 10 days. We now view sleep as a whole family experience, one that is enjoyable and rewarding. We began our journey with Saja just over 10 days ago. Already our entire sleep routine has been transformed. Kayan is happier and is a far more independent sleeper. He is excited to go to bed at night. What I loved most about working with Saja is her non-judgmental approach. I never felt pressured into doing something we were not ready for. She is understanding, adaptable and sets realistic goals. You've changed our lives, Saja. We are so grateful.
Bianca & Khodr, Kayan's parents (2 years old)